Water Lily Solar Light

This floating water lily solar light is a three-piece set, with red, purple and yellow, bringing life to the pool or pond in the eight darkest hours of the day, without any additional electricity other than the gleaming sun.

Forget about replacing disposable AA batteries, floating water lily solar lights recharge on their own, everyday, as the sun comes out.

This floating water lilysolar light is a Tektrum Corporation product, each case comes with three units, one yellow, one red and one purple, each one with a separate leaf solar collector, providing night time illumination for up to eight hours after nightfall.

Charging during the day, it is waterproof, measures eight inches in diameter, comes with two built in rechargeable double AA batteries, built in LED and solar panel and no other energy is required, shipping at 6 pounds.

For an attractive effect in the pool or pond, a water lily solar light will enchant visitors and bring the realm of fantasy into your water garden, transforming the night, into an expression of artistic notion, in a more self-reliant, ecologically friendly and sustainable way.

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Posted in Accessories by Administrator on April 22, 2008.

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