Water Gardening In Containers

Water Gardening In Containers: Small Ponds Indoors & Out combines the techniques of water gardening with container gardening to produce a modern how-to manual on this 5,000 year old Chinese technique that transcends both timeand space both metaphorically and philosophically.

Pots, urns, tubs; any container that you can make water tight and is hygienic enough to keep your aquarium garden thriving in a healthy manner, will be perfect for starting up your very first water garden in a container.

From the whole selection of water works like pumps, filters and tubing to fish, plants and bacteria, this quick-to-read DIYer gets in all the details to make sure your first indoor or outdoor water gardening in container project is a success.

From there, your imagination will flourish around the possibilities as you take your own creative steps in this versatile field, that could be as diverse as aquatic hanging baskets, dishes, goblets, window boxes or just half of an old whiskey barrel.

Color photos detail every page and speak louder than words themselves, filling the soul with ideas that radiate in abundance and flourish as you walk through your home just imagining what you feel like building.

Ever feel like making an English trough garden, a patio pond, a carnivorous bog garden, a lotus garden, a fountain sculpture or an aquatic topiary? All those ideas can be found here and are explained in detail.

This is a 128 page paperback written by Helen Nash and C. Greg Speichert and was first published by Sterling in June of 1999, measuring 10 x 8.5 x 0.4, it ships for only 1 pound.

Water Gardening In Containers: Small Ponds Indoors & Out is a great gift idea for anybody looking to blend the fascinating art of container gardening with water gardening into something unique, that they can make their very own.


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