Water Garden Vacuums

Water garden vacuums make it possible for fish, and other aquatic visual delights to stay in view.

Water garden vacuums come in many sizes. The most common is the mini vac which has been replaced by more useful medium sized/ priced vacuums.

The model prices range from twenty-four dollars for a particular type of vacuum head; to a little less than six hundred dollars for a total water garden/ pond vacuuming system.

An example of a great water garden vacuum is the Pondvac 3 made for ponds, but perfect for small to large water gardens.

Larger top line models run on about 110 volts and can suck vertically up to 7 feet straight up. The average hose suction length is 16 feet; while the discharge hose length is 8 feet on average. For the smaller water garden a pond vacuum of this size/ price is not required.

A water garden is a living-breathing environment, full of vitality. All living things have a process of consumption, waste, fertilization.

Trees can drop an unnecessary amount of leaves into a water garden, algae can accumulate, and other types of foliage waste can grow turning a well-planed water garden into a bog, or at least a an unpleasant, murky eye sore in no time.

This invites diseases that can ruin your plants health, and cause them to compete with unsightly epiphyte species at random.

Being able to safely remove unsightly material from a water garden can protect the aesthetic, a gardener spent so much time potting, irrigating and reclamation to create.

A water garden vacuum is useful to anyone who takes this type of gardening seriously.

Removing unnecessary build up makes sure that there is no safe haven for mosquitoes.

Having other carnivorous plants can also reduce these kinds of bothersome pests.

A well balanced water garden pond is best managed with a good water garden vacuum.


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