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Water Garden Plan – Step #1

A water garden plan and its final construction, always come from ideas that “only you”, can think of. To begin planning your water garden you need to go to the area where it will be and stand with a clipboard, paper and pencil in hand. Water garden plans should also not be rushed, so if it takes you a few days, or even weeks this is fine, inspiration does not often come quickly, so take your time. I spent over two months thinking, sketching out plans and reading books on the subject.

The idea of making a water garden had been in my head for years. I naturally feel most at home on or near the water and as with most people (who do not have the luxury of living by the sea) the idea of having a water garden is a very attractive one.

Did I mention that you will need a tape measure to properly plan your water garden? No? Sorry, go get one! The basic steps to complete a water garden plan are simple, you can do it all in your head but I find that writing stuff down is better because you can bring it all inside and refer back to it over a few days while your plan grows into a solid idea. Before planning my water garden I also removed all the landscaping that was interfering with my thoughts so if you are one who likes to “paint on a clean canvas” you might want to consider this first.

Let’s begin, stand back and take a deep breath while thinking of what kind of water garden you have been dreaming of. Do you want to dig a deep Koi pond, line it with concrete block and cover it with a flexible liner, or do you simply want to install a small water garden kit that comes with its own plastic tub? Would you like a grand waterfall spilling into a deep pool, or does your kit have a pump and spout that throws water into the air? A Koi pond with a waterfall would surely be a larger scale water garden construction. Is it something you feel you can do yourself, or should you take your finished plan to an expert?

The reason I ask the questions above is to get you thinking. If you are ready, sketch down an idea or two of what kind of water garden you will construct, measure the area, and write all this information down; good for you! If you feel a little overwhelmed, go back inside your home, take your thoughts to bed, and in the morning you will find all kinds of fresh new ideas wanting to be a part of this exciting new project.

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