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Water Garden Features – Step #2

To start to think about water garden features you must first have an idea of what type of water garden you would like to create.

There are basically three main types of water garden design features:

1. Raised Ponds The raised pond is a good looking easy to build water garden that can be put together in little time. It does require basic masonry skills to set a footing and stack and secure the concrete blocks or bricks.
2. Sunken Ponds The sunken pond requires digging large amounts of dirt and either inserting a flexible liner, preformed liner or pouring concrete into its space. You then can add nice patio stone around to compliment its round contours or make it square like an ancient roman bath.
3. Bogs The bog is a disorganized, irregular shaped cutout in the ground that can be shallow or deep. A bog is built by simply digging out some ground and laying a flexible liner into it held down by sand, plants and rocks. If you enjoy frogs, dragonflies and other wildlife this water garden style is for you. A bog can also be natural without a liner and very little water, used to manage and filter rainwater runoff which is an important environmental feature.

You will also want to consider other additional water garden features to make it special. A water garden without the sound of water to me is not a water garden at all and most people would agree.

There are three popular water garden features that bring sound with them:

1. Cascade A cascade feature is a series of waterfalls that run down over rocks into small pools before trickling into a main pond. This cascading water adds a gentle sound to the surrounding environment.
2. Waterfall A waterfall feature is like a cliff with an undercut in its lip, the water rolls out to the end, and then drops off falling into the water garden pond below. A waterfall adds louder water flow sounds that can be softened by adding rocks where it lands.
3. Fountain A water fountain throws water into the air from a pump and tube below the surface of the water or embedded in a statue usually in the center of a pond.

There are all kinds of other water garden features like bridges, stepping stones, seeping water masks, and anything the creative water garden designer can think of. A great way to bring it all together into you mind is to think about a theme and what features will complete your vision. I have a pile of old wooden whiskey kegs out back and I am in love with the ocean so my first idea was to bring the ocean to the city. I thought of decking like on a dock and a pile of whiskey barrels with pump and filter in them to transfer water below. There would be beach sand and grasses blowing in the wind, these features just all fit into place in my mind but you will have entirely different ideas.

If you are lacking ideas, like I was about what features and theme to do, go to the bookstore and look at a few books on water gardens. In them you will find all kinds of great pictures and examples that will help in this new creative endeavor. Need to put a fence in behind the pond or want to build a concrete retaining wall behind your planned waterfall? There are books and magazines that cover all of this as well. Settling on water garden features is an enjoyable task and will give your plan a more solid footing.


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