Water Garden Barrel

water garden barrel - rain barrels for water gardensTired of filling your water garden with chlorine from tap water or are you under water restriction because of drought? Why not collect rainwater from your rooftop with a water garden barrel? In the past rain barrels were used on family farms to collect graywater to clean clothes and nourish livestock, today with more modern rainwater collection systems you can use them to fill your water garden. This summer Aaron will offer several of his new creations for the collection, transfer and even filtration of free rain right here on water2garden.org!

Water Garden Barrel Testimonial

Goldfish pond with rain barrel in backgroundThis past weekend I installed my new rain barrel for my water garden. It couldn’t have been easier! The only tools I needed were a level, Channel Lock pliers, tin snips, a tubing cutter and a tape measure! Not only will it provide my small goldfish pond with fresh, chlorine-free water for water changes, but it looks really cool! It adds a charming accent to a very dull spot in my yard. I cannot say enough about Aaron, he is the definition of a true craftsman and more importantly, however, he is a good guy. So many times in business these days customers are treated with a less-than-helpful attitude. Aaron’s eagerness to provide his customers with a quality product that they are happy with and his willingness to go that extra step is something that is becoming a rarity these days. Very impressive!

I highly recommend these products for your rainwater collection needs. Now I just have to wait for some rain!

Mark Z.
Haddonfield, NJ

You can buy rain barrels at Aaron’s Rain Barrels, follow the image below and thank you!

rain barrels


Posted in Accessories by Administrator on March 31, 2008.

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