Water Features for small gardens

Water Features for small gardens is the perfect book for beginners looking to do it themselves with whats available and within any modest budget.

From concept to construction, Keith Davitt makes small water gardens something they should have always been, easy access to everyone interested.

This book takes a serious look at all different kinds of water gardens and takes to heart the budgets and spaces available to the average homeowner, knowing when to size up or down, almost to the centimeter.

Formal pools and fountains such, as the ones detailed in this heavily illustrated hardcover of 176 pages show expertly how cramped urban spaces such as tiny backyards and courtyards can be literally transformed into spiritualand uplifting places of openness that delve deep into our very souls.

Measuring 9.3 x 8 x 0.8 and shipping at 1.6 pounds, Water Features for Small Gardens reaches into a variety of discussions that are far from academic and more straight to the point; giving exactly what the reader has been looking for; expert advice about how the best water gardens fit into our civilization today, right now.

This is a book that gives life to our imagination and turns our dreams into reality, because it breaks water gardening down into essentials, that are at the same time easy to grasp and cost effective.

Natural, formal, informal pools, wall fountains, streams, waterfalls, tub gardens, bogs, raised in-ground formal fountains and how to do it yourself on a budget is right here in Keith Davitts Water Features for Small Gardens; a book that inspires


Posted in Water Garden Books by Administrator on March 5, 2007.

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