Wakin goldfish in water gardenWakin goldfish have a friendly temperament. They are a very hardy fish that is just now coming into vogue among enthusiasts.

Although goldfish originate from the gibel carp of China, and genetic studies have been done on miniature carp off St Croix since they are similar to the original gold variant of the gibel; the wakin have been kept and raised in Japan for 500 years.

The popularity behind these fish is that when they are regularly fed they swim up to you at feeding time.

Wakin goldfish have a similar shape as the comet variety. Even though the bodies are slender, the tail is shaped differently.

Wakins can grow very long. The biggest on record is nearly eighteen inches in length. This kind of length is only found in well kept pond dwelling wakin.

In winter if your pond gets iced over, remember to cut something of a fishing whole in the ice. This hole is for oxygenation, and gas exchange.

With simple care like that, wakin have no trouble surviving the winter.

Wakin are not hibernators. Part of the neatness of having them in winter is that if the ice is clear enough youll be able to watch then swimming about the outdoor pond or water garden all winter long.

Anubias, Crinum, Elodea and Java moss are good cold water choices for plants that will have a healthy gas exchange in the water with wakin.

The Java Moss is the best for wakin fry to hide out until they mature. For this breeding purpose java moss is really beneficial.

Only match wakin with fast swimming fish. Otherwise the wakin will starve out the slower fish.


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