The Ultimate Water Garden Book

The Ultimate Water Garden Book is written by Juan-Claude Arnoux is a self assessed as a down to earth practical corridor to making this sort of tranquility or oasis for your home, and as a garden within your garden.

Over 500 photos show off styles of water gardening, and koi pond keeping from around the entire globe.

The basic and advance premise for each of these styles are diagrammed and plainly explained in detail.

The author takes to time to explain what the material options are, how to use them so far, what not to use them for, and where he and others feel there is room for creative license.

The Ultimate Water Garden Book goes into detail on 360 cultivars for your water garden to make this book well rounded in color, shape, texture, level, and tone.

Lastly the author explains how to keep the water clean through various ways to filtrate. This includes how natural filtration works with marginals. And what that means to an American water gardener.

All in all in this ultimate hobbyist book was created by an designer who has been water gardening since he was a child.

The Ultimate Water Garden Book; ISBN 1561581593 published by Tauton is 216 pages of great inspiration to the American water gardening art.


Posted in Water Garden Books by Administrator on January 21, 2010.

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