The Lotus Know It Grow It

The Lotus Know It Grow It is a clever 51 page book dedicated to Lotus in the water garden. The book sets the tone by scientifically explaining with clarity why Lotus are not a subspecies of lilies. Further setting the stage for not only cultural distinctiveness, but scientific as well. This is a contrasting cultural divide that goes back as long a water gardening has existed. This book written for the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society is a joint venture to give Lotus the focus they deserve.

This is a very well written guide centered entirely around answering questions about the Lotus in the water gardening context: This range reaches into cultivation, cultural traditions, modern science, landscape uses, a gardeners guide and list of lotus resources.

The authors of this book covering most anything known about the Nelumbo Lotus genus are Kelly Billing (co-author of The Water Gardener’s Bible), and Paula Biles.

These two researches go into detail also explaining that all Lotus are not Nelumbo either. The state of the book reaches beyond this topic after the preface sets the reader on the right path.

Paula and Kelly have gathered together the collective knowledge about the Lotus from experts around the globe and distilled it into the very much needed booklet.

The Lotus is used for many things around the world. One part of the lotus is used as an oil lamp wick, and that is denoted in the text along with much more. Some of these techniques can be recreated in your own work space. Others are much more complicated. This book touches on what the possibilities are for crafty vixens, or men who want to surprise them with a obscure and useful craft that is set to the idiomatic left of water gardening lotus as the central themed past time.

Very valuable information is made available to the reader. Simple answers to reasons why Lotus do not work well in floral arrangements, among numerous other well organized fact that you might not know all add up to a very informative text. The Lotus Know It Grow It is a quick read that will forever improve the health of American water gardened Lotus that are affected by Paula, Kelly, and the power of learning what they know.


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