The Earth Ponds Source Book

The Earth Ponds Source Book: The Pond Owners Manual and Resource Guide for pond building and maintenance by the owner comes with advice/tips, up-to-date help-lists, commercial suppliers and some smaller projects as part of the bigger package.

Ecology goes a long way here, from legal issues, structural, pitfalls and information that can make all the difference between a costly mistake and a perfect water garden feature that resounds in harmony with Mother Nature.

For trying to decide on what size pump to use for irrigation, fire protection or just flooding your pond for winter, this book takes a professional approach that saves time and money on expensive redesigns or needless maintenance.

For those looking into the more garden oriented side of earth ponds, this book comes with complete information on goldfish pools, how to deal with weeds, algae and even innovative cleaning techniques such as using crayfish that were not covered in his first book.

This book was written as a companion to Tim Matsons best selling Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Makers Guide to Building, Maintenance and Resoration; the book that made him known as the Guru of Earth Pond Building.

This new book deals mostly with larger ponds, providing up-to-date lists of bibliographies and suppliers, as well as information on natural ice skating rinks, fishing, beach building, hydro power as well as pond-side structures, like gazebos and raft-decks.

A new addition to the Matson collection, Earth Ponds Sourcebook adds useful information on small water-lily and goldfish ponds as well as how to take care of unwanted wildlife like beavers in an environmentally friendly way.

This 171-page paperback, was written by Tim Matson, first published by Countryman Press in October of 1997, with black and white photographs, illustrations, measuring 10.1 x 8.1 x 0.5 and shipping at 15.5 ounces.

Earth Ponds Source Book is an introduction to everything you need to know about how to plan, build and maintenance your very own natural water garden pond in any open space, be it urban or rural for a more sustainable tomorrow, that really understands our connection to nature, in a spiritual way.


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