Tetra Pressure Filters

Tetra Pressure Filters are the perfect thing for those looking to take care of very sensitive fish through optimal mechanical and biological filtration in water garden ponds.

Tetra Pressure Filters come in three sizes:

Tetra PRF 1500 – For a maximum pond size of 1500 gallon, has a maximun flow rate of 750 gallon per hour.
Tetra PRF 2500 – For a maximum pond size of 2500 gallon, has a maximun flow rate of 1250 gallon per hour.
Tetra PRF 4000 – For a maximum pond size of 4000 gallon, has a maximun flow rate of 2000 gallon per hour.

Pressure Filters made by Tetra have a small advantage over common mechanical or ordinary biological filters and that advantage is summed up in one word, pressure.

With a pressure filter, it is possible to pump larger quantities of pond water into a smaller space, and clean out more efficiently with a special backwash cycle that breaks up that evil build up of crud that makes a good pump useless.

Tetra pressure filters have two main stages of filtration; the first involves a mechanical filter for larger debris in the form of sponges (the water is forced through at high pressure).

The second stage involves bio-rings, of material that an provide excellent environment for beneficial aerobic bacteria that cut down on microscopic wastes on an invisible level, ensuring that your pond keeps that water crystal clear.

Tetra pressure filters do twice the job with only half the size and can be cleaned with an easy to use backwash cycle that makes for no scrubbing or heavy elbow grease.


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