Sweet Flag

Sweet Flag - Licorice, Acorus GramineusLicorice, Acorus Gramineus A.K.A sweet flag gets its name from the scent of the zyla (plant juice) that comes from a broken leaf. This ground cover perennial is an evergreen in its natural climate zone.

Some of the American common names for Licorice Acorus Gramineus include grassy-leaves sweet flag, Japanese sweet flag, as well as Japanese rush, among others.

These names are synonymous with industry related inaccuracy for technical specificity. The terms are used loosely for any member of the Gramineus species. So, without knowing it these terms really represent Gramineus species except for Golden Pheasant; or the Acorus genus as a whole.

The Licorice cultivar of the Gramineus species in the Acorus genus is best when the plant is in direct sunlight. The caveat is that this Acorus Gramineus Licorice plant can tolerate a lite amount of shade.

The ideal planting depth for Licorice is in 1 inch (30cm) of water.

Each pale flower & dark green leaf patch grows a foot high and a foot in diameter on average.

In smaller pot ponds the Acorus Gramineus Licorice shouldn’t be over watered.

Licorice, Acorus Gramineus can still have robust leaves in some winter climates. The climate zones for Licorice, Acorus Gramineus are zones 5 10 according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

  • Zone 5a can go as low as -28 ║ Celsius or -20 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 5b reaches down to -26 ║ Celsius or -15 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 6a sustains Licorice down to -23 ║ Celsius or -10 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 6b: -20 and a half ║ Celsius or -5 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 7a runs down to -17 ║ Celsius (nearly -18 plus 3 tenths), or 0 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 7b climbs up a few degrees as its Acorus Gramineus Licorice Low temperature at 14.9 ║ Celsius which is 5║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 8a has a low temp for the Licorice Cultivar at -12.2 ║ Celsius, which is 10 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 8b sustains Licorice Cultivar at -9.4 ║ Celsius, 15 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 9a rises 2.8 degrees for a sustainable low temperature of ║ -6.6║ Celsius, which is 20 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 9b makes another 2.8 degree jump base temperature tolerance which brings the tolerable low up to -3.8 ║ Celsius, 25 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 10a is the beginning of the conclusion of tolerable temperature zones for the Licorice, Acorus Gramineus according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The low temperature of Licorice, Acorus Gramineus for this zone is -1.1 ║Celsius, which is 30 ║ Fahrenheit.
  • Zone 10b is the last tolerable zone according to the USDA. The low temperature for this zone is 1.7 ║ Celsius, which is 35 ║ Fahrenheit.

Crushed or bruised this Acorus Genus, Gramineus specie cultivar gives off a lush licorice scent. Mashing a small bit for a guest to smell in the back ground while socializing by or in the water garden environment is a great way to refresh the daily life of your friends and acquaintances on occasion when they visit your home based water garden.


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