Sunset Series Water Gardens

Sunset Series Water Gardens has detailed instruction and encyclopedic knowledge on how to build your own water garden from basic designs to the choice of plants used.

Create and maintain your own beautiful water garden, choose fish, install mechanics, lights, wiring, basic construction techniques, water features, water garden themes, stream, waterfall, fountains and an encyclopedia of plants all at your fingertips in 248 photos and 40 illustrations.

Susan Lang and T. Jeff Williams really get the imagination going with ideas for urban courtyards, decks, bogs, ponds, reflection pools and even historical water gardens from throughout the centuries that entice the human soul with other worlds and concepts transformed into realityby you, right in your own backyard.

The path to a more sustainable tomorrow, is not just gardening for the sake of composting, growing organic vegetables and doing-it-yourself, the path to a more sustainable tomorrow means taking in the notion of interconnectivity, that nothing is separate and that we are all one in the same planet, all co-dependant, water gardens remind of this fact in more than just one way.

Building your own water garden and maintaining it every day, is one way to remember how everything is interconnected, because when we build a water garden project, that project becomes a part of us and we have, through that project, learned to relate to the environment in a way that is totally different than our normal everyday lives in the city.

Even if we live out in the country, establishing a water garden can be a subtle way to see into other parts of the earths elegant ecosystem, reminding all those who look upon it, that they are not the only creatures in the Universe, and understanding others is one of the best ways of understanding ourselves, helping us to become whole and complete.

Edited by Sunset Books, Water Gardens is part of their How-To series and is a 192 page paperback that has been selling since at least 2004, it is one of their best sellers, measures 10.7 x 8.3 x 0.4 and weighs 1.3 lbs.

Sunset Series Water Gardens has all the need to know information for those thinking about doing-it-themselves with their very own water garden for the very first time, showing how people havedone this themselves in the past and those ideas that have shown most promise over time, with colorful photos and illustrations that tell as many stories as words alone.


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