Splash Dance Fountains

Splash Dance Fountains were designed to provide professional water displays privately, right in the comfort of your own water garden.

Splashdance Lights and fountain blasts in different pre-programmed selections and music that can beat in rhythm with each other to create splendid water displays.

Splash Dance can be found in two different fountain heights, medium (3ft 4ft) and large (5ft 7ft), both of will provide the lucid nature of your watergarden to harvest strength. Checkout a video to better understand how to assemble these units.

Splash Dance is easy to install, the manual is self-explaining and easy to read, allowing you to install Splash Dance into your pond or water garden within only 30 minutes without any special tools.

Water fountain and light displays have been cherished by western civilization for hundreds of years, bringing the elusive nature of theater into the realm of a watergarden.

What was once only the enjoyment of royalty, protected behind their artificial Renaissance walls, lakes, labyrinth gardens, churches and castles, can now inspire the imagination of even the humblest of gardeners or entertain the fanciest of guests.

Complete egglite kit

Egg Lite Kit – Colorful nighttime lighting, place these compact units underwater or above water. Great for smaller water features.

Splash Dance Fountains brings choreographed lights, music and fountain dancing into a water display that will evoke the deepest and most mystical of emotions in all those who watch.


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