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Solar garden fountain kits are available now that are powered only by the energy of the sun. Solar energy powers the pump,making the solar garden fountain kit an efficient accent to that desire for a tranquil place to think, relax, not think at all, or just nap in the serenity dispensed to your garden.

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Serenity is usually one of the great benefits of gardening. Among the adornments of decorating small bits of land is the garden fountain. Today creating a garden with a fountain has never been easier with the use of kits like this four tiered solar birdbath.

Talk about cute. Some of these fountains are as neat at the cutest kitten. One in particular is a navy blue ceramic and glass water jar. This jar that has the look of floating while the jars rim is an inverse nonagon forming a small lip. This lip pours water into one of three descending finger bowls that are also navy blue and angled in a descending curve or semi spiral to a larger fourth bowl sitting on the garden floor.

The vibrant color of this particular fountain stands out amidst the greenery like an oversized technicolor blue bell, that has the feel of floating like a bee while pouring water with the gravity it politely seems to visually defy serenely.

Some sections of a garden however, will not be suitable for a solar garden fountain due to the panel, which can be hidden, but this panel must have access to direct bright sunlight for the fountain to operate properly.

These solar garden fountains run their pumps on very low wattage however, the location of the panel is still going to make everything in the fountain run smoothly.

The ceramic cascading birdbath fountain by Smart Solar comes in blue and orange, operating in direct sunlight, powered by a separate solar panel (included), it comes with a multi-fixing panel holder, a low voltage water pump, filter and there are no operating costs, while 10 feet (5m) of cable to the solar panel allow for indoor or outdoor use; it ships at 26 pounds.

A solar garden fountain kit, with a preset solar fountain pump are hassle free, cost nothing to run; and they make people happy when they look into the beauty of the garden.


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