Small Water Garden Kit

This small water garden kit has all the items to build your own 165-gallon water garden feature, including fountain, power cord, liner and a handbook that explains all the details so you can do it yourself. Find Becket water garden kits here!

What better way to attract wildlife and clean thoughts to your home than a water feature that is soft, soul refreshing and can take your form the unsettling turmoils of civilization?

A small water garden kit is just the thing to build your dreams right in the comfort of your own yard, a meditative center that fills the environment with peace and tranquility; replenishing lost energies.

Measuring a total of 2 x 3 x 1, this small water garden kit comes with a 5 x 5 liner, 6 three prong outdoor safety cord, fountain head kit and a copy of the 32-page book from Bird Watchers Digest, Creating Your Water Garden.

The fountain head kit will pump up to 165 gallons of water per hour keeping the pond well aerated and in constant movement, eliminating mosquitoes; but birds will love it!

This small water garden kit is the perfect thing to add the taste of moving water to your front or backyard, enchanting everyone with birds that will come in search of clean water and peace of mind, from miles around.


Posted in Accessories, Kits, Pond Liners by Administrator on May 5, 2007.

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