Savio Rock Lid Cover

Savio Rock Lid Cover was designed to camouflage living pool filtration systems, skimmer filters and any other artificial water garden equipment that might look more natural with a lightweight artificial rock covering.

Most people when they are thinking about designing their first water garden, usually have the tendency to want to put all the equipment underground, but unfortunately, be it a pump a hose a pipe or a filter, putting things underground usually means digging them up every single time they need to be maintenanced.

Which is why Savio came out with a rock lid cover that is light enough to lift, but looks enough like a rock to blend in perfectly with the surrounding water garden environment.

Managing the pond filter, cleaning out constant debris and maintaining live filtration systems, can all be kept perfectly aesthetic without lots of heavy lifting, with a Savio rock lid cover, designed to make the healthy feature of your pond a lightweight and invisible one.

This Rock Lid Cover made by Savio in the USA ( fits #SS0000 Skimmerfilter ) is made of acrylic/fiberglass, one size fits all, providing that natural camouflage in the form of granite outcropping, measuring 24 x 28 x 20, shipping at 11pounds.

Aesthetic and lightweight, the savio rock lid cover keeps equipment in easy reach and well out of sight for a far more self-reliant way of taking care of ones meditative and most sacred of spaces, the water garden.

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Posted in Accessories by Administrator on April 28, 2008.

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