Savio Compact Skimmerfilter

For ponds up to 700 gallons, Savio Compact Skimmerfilter is an excellent surface skimmer and filtration system, blending four different products for cleaner water.

Savio Compact Skimmerfilter will even perform well in ponds up to a maximum of 2,500 gallons.

Any size however above 700 gallons reduces its overall performance to that of merely an efficient surface skimmer, removing large debris such as leaves and flowers.

The real performance of this highly compact skimmerfilter by Savio is the practical design of four filtration systems in one that blend inlet skimming action, mechanical filtration, biological filtration and UV filtration with a perfectly concealable outer shell.

Savio Compact Skimmerfilters design for smaller ponds and water features allows for an optimal water quality while concealing unsavory pumps, hoses, filters and still offering the lowest possible maintenance.

Surface skimmers on the whole need to be emptied manually, which is simple with Savio Compact Skimmerfilter.

Just lift the well concealed lid near the ponds edge where it is aesthetically buried and remove the basket contents into your garden or compost pile, and wa-lŠ, the skimmer is ready for more debris.

Savio Compact Skimmerfilter is perfect for your smaller pond or water garden needs, up to 700 gallons total, when full, leaving the surface constantly clean and the water crystal clear.

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Posted in Filters, Pumps by Administrator on August 11, 2006.

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