Orange and White Ryukin GoldfishRyukin is a type of Goldfish. The ryukin goldfish is defined by the fact that the hump starts behind the head of the fish.

A ryukin is as long and appears fat. Fat in the way that some kinds of strong men are rounded but obviously muscled to the core.

Because of this shape the swim bladder of the fish is prone to infection. Keeping the nitrate level below 20ppm is ideal.

If the fish is upside down, (facing the bottom of the tank, pond, or water garden), or floating about this is a very strong sign that the infection is bad.

The shape of the body as well as the size proportions of the fins make them awesome swimmers, displacing a lot of water for there size as they go. Think wing span of a hawk, verses its body size.

The dorsal fin of the fish makes it look a lot less compact than it would without the genetic feature.

These fish come in rich brown, white, read, green, light green, blue, red (the original ryukin color), red and white combos.

The tails can vary from short, to long.

The calico ryukin have smaller humps that the other varieties.

Other than the caudel fin the other fins about the ryukin’s body configuration is specific. Each set it an even pair: Anal fins, ventral fins, and pectoral fins should all match evenly if this is to be a true competition worthy ryukin.

These fish are great companions of many goldfish varieties, except the very fancy varieties.

To sustain them in a living environment they need roughly twenty gallons of water minimum which outdoor water gardens and ponds usually exceed.

Ammonia is a problem with these fish. If you over crowd them, your tank will die.

Soak fish food before hand so it doesn’t bloat in there systems and seriously hurt them.

Ryukin are interesting fish that bring a tinge of delight to every home made water way they inhabit.


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