Rolled Bamboo Fencing

Rolled Bamboo Fencing in the water garden was probably originally introduced in the Japanese tea garden, and spread throughout the world as an easy, quick and aesthetically pleasing way to move the eyesight around an obstacle that does not belong in the surroundings.

Bamboo will bend in the wind, but when the wind stops, it will return to its original place, bamboo will grow in the direction of life-giving water and divine-light, thus making it one of the earths many lessons in humility, through simple observation, we can learn to be like bamboo.

Being a peaceful grass, yet solid like timber, bamboo will enhance the surroundings of a water garden immensely.

If used to hide the backyard shed, that extra room, or even the neighbors untimely backyard.

Encompassing your water garden in just the right places with easy to use, rolled bamboo fencing, will keep the suspense of disbelief alive while strolling through its magical realms of peace and spiritual rejuvenation.

Gardman rolled bamboo fencing model R637 is 13 x 5, is made of quality bamboo for screening, branded with galvanized wire for durability, it measures 58 x 6 x 12 when rolled and ships at 50 lbs.

Using rolled bamboo fencing to complete the path your audience is to take along the meditative spaces of your pond or water garden, can make for an aesthetically pleasing alternative to cement and mortar, while enhancing the surroundings with peace of mind and tranquility in a more self-reliant and sustainable frame of mind that makes sense, in any garden.


Posted in Accessories by Administrator on March 24, 2008.

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