Quick and Easy Container Water Gardens

Quick and Easy Container Water Gardens by Philip Swindells is a fantastic one hundred twenty eight page resource.

This book (ISBN 1-58017-080-3) from Quatro Inc., goes into easy-to-do DIY container water gardening projects. From construction to lining, filtration, and plant choice options the book implements Philip Swindellss thirty-five years of experience.

Anyone who wants a bright artistic water garden look that fits well in many small container or other areas around the home should add this book to there personal do it yourself library.

Great container water garden projects like the raised or berried barrel in the section called lowering the level. The unique cornered look as well as a great examples of how less is more. With the words be sparing in your planting with a wonderful image of exactly what the author means in a photo of a rustic square cement block encircling a round container with the proportionally long and leaning iris leaves accenting the grey stone and spots of moss as they support a pair or purple blooms that rest just above the lip of the circle. How about a small bamboo container garden for indoors?

Quick and Easy Container Water Gardens affects what sings to us in trickling mini water gardens everywhere in the United States and around the world.


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