Pondmaster Utility Pump

A Pondmaster Utility Pump could be just the thing for getting the watergarden ready for this coming winter.

Pondmaster Utility Pump come in all sizes and contain epoxy instead of oil to prevent leakage into the pond, keeping fish and plants safe from pollution.

With a centrifugal pump designed to take on the harsh conditions found in ponds, utility pumps made by Pondmaster, such as the Mag-Drive Utility Pump have no seals to wear out, can be submerged or placed in-line as needed.

Placing the pump at lower than water level is the way to get water flowing, but once there is water going through it, even in-line, it will easily carry the amount of water necessary for the required job.

Winter can be devastating to some kinds of more sensitive fish, and if the pond in question doesnt have a heating mechanism, then draining now rather than after the first frost could make the difference between life and death for the fish.

Spending a season indoors is much more healthy than freezing outside, but as long as there is constant water flow and the temperature is maintained at adequate levels, the fish should survive.

Pondmaster Utility Pumps just might be the answer for all seasonal purposes, as they have no seals to break, all electrical components are surrounded by epoxy and about half the energy is used to drive the Mag-Drive Utility pumps than is used in the traditional motor driven pumps of equal size.

Saltwater or freshwater aquariums, ponds, watergardens, inside or outside, Pondmaster Utility Pump even comes with a quickly and easily cleansed, reusable replacement filter.

Pondmaster Utility Pumps are magnetically driven for all outdoor applications, are sturdy and made to last.

Pondmaster Utility Pump will make a difference this winter and maintain the perfect balance for your watergardens survival.


Posted in Pumps by Administrator on November 2, 2006.

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