Pond Shield

Pond Shield is a safe and efficient alternative to a conventional pond liner. An easily applicable non-toxic epoxy liner system that can be sprayed or painted on, as needed, Pond Shield is an excellent investment for a healthy pond environment.

Pond Shield was designed specifically for the pond industry and gets rid of the old problem of folds in the rubber liner and makes cleaning as easy as a swimming pool if you so desire.

Made as a substitute for the traditional rubber pond liner, Pond Shield can be used to repair your own freshwater garden or pond, without needing to fill in cracks, fix the leaks or even find tears for example, Pond Shield is an incredible do it yourself item.

Once hardened, it is like a layer of acrylic, Pond Shield can be painted on like a normal layer of paint, or sprayed on with an industrial sprayer of at least 3000 psi, due to the thick nature of the epoxy itself.

For this reason, if doing spraying, the spaying equipment must be kept clean of the epoxy while anywhere near the curing time (outside of one hour) with acetone or MEK (methyl ethyl keytone).

Thining can be done with a maximum of 10% isopropanol (isopropyl), more than that will destroy the efficiency.

Easily adhesive to a variety of different pond surfaces, such as cement, concrete, gunnite, shotcrete, cinder block, brick, stone, tile, wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum Pond Shield will stick just about anywhere.

Pond Shield has been tested for flexibility as well as strength from as low as -78 F, all the way up to 140 F and specifically designed to adhere to abraded or porous materials.

The tensile bond strength in Pond Shield is superior to that of the internal strength in solid concrete, acting as a stretchable skin that will not break under the strain of time.

Any existing water features in a watergarden that are in need of repair or quick coating will find Pond Shield was built specifically to make sure this kind of problem, is dealt with once and for all.

A few tips go into doing it yourself with Pond Shield, for example; cleanliness, application surface, chemical properties and time to dry properly. Following those simple rules, it is a snap to apply Pond Shield yourself.

Hairline cracks for example, over time, will try to create a similar crack in other traditional epoxies, not the case with Pond Shield, which has an elastic nature, even after hardening completely, and will resist this mimic effect by stretching elastically.

If mimicking hairline cracks is sure to be a future problem, using a layer of fiberglass matting or tape for filler while mixing with the colloidal silica of micro fibers, before application can fix this problem securely.

No matter if the feature you are working on is a koi pond, waterfall, fountain, or the water base of your watergarden itself, non-hazardous materials such as Pond Shield make sure your fish and plants get the very best at a price that is affordable, and usually in no more than only a single coat.

Pond Shield is perfect for getting rid of that hard to work with rubber liner once in for all and getting into small spaces easily while still making sure your pond is leakproof.


Posted in Pond Liners by Administrator on September 14, 2006.

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