Pearlscale Goldfish - Golf Ball VarietyMany pearlscale goldfish are egg shaped with scales that have a build up of material in the middle of each scale. These goldfish are the only variety standard that has a different kind of scale. Since this build up has a white tent on a metallic looking scale, the resulting round built up resembles a pearl. Hence the name: Pearlscale Goldfish.

One of the most popular pearlscale varieties is the Golf Ball goldfish. If the Golf Ball goldfish is put in an outdoor pond then leave them in there alone as a variety. This way they have a good chance at reaching food in the proportion you give it to them in.

The golf ball fish isn’t blind, so putting them in a pond with visually impaired fish would not be worth it. After taking the time to make sure that there are no abrupt edges in the pond at all; the sight impaired fish would simply be out swam to the food by the Golf Balls.

The blind or sight deflected fish maybe better swimmers, but unable to see the food as quickly. Golf Ball Pearlscale goldfish carp will be out swam to food by other fish varieties that can see as good but are made of a better swim design.

Not just golf ball pearlscale, but all perlscale goldfish have cramped internal organs.

For this reason an enthusiast needs to be careful what kind of food they are fed. This care will help them digest food better and live longer.

Feed them dry food flakes of pellets and the food will swell inside the fish causing internal cramping: possibly leading to death. Any food you feed these creatures must be thoroughly soaked before it is fed to them. This means soaking it before it hits the surface of the water. This way the proportion they eat will not expand inside themas it soaks up liquids inside the pearlscale goldfishes digestive track.

Hamanishiki are pearlscale goldfish with head growth. Breeders weed out fry mating the fish for head growth that is in one piece and round.

The non-head growth category of pearlscale goldfish are breed to have a body depth that is no less than 2/3rd the body length.

For any of these pearlscale variants from Hamanishiki to Golf Ball a minimum of ten gallons of water is needed for an indoor or outdoor pond/ water garden. Much more water is preferred since these fish grow kinda big.

If the fish is injured and looses a scale, a regular scale will replace it.

There is some debate over whether or not the water needs to be calcium enriched to help the actual pearlscales of the fish themselves be stronger, healthier, and less prone to getting knocked free.

Pearscales are majestic and artistically inspiring to look at despite there very Spartan offspring selection process. They come in fascinating colors and make great citizens in city-state water garden ponds next to walk ways and in back yards across America.


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