Outdoor Water Fountain

What is an Outdoor Water Fountain?

The gardens aesthetic appeal can be enhanced with a stand alone outdoor water fountain. The form of the water fountain is as infinite as the human imagination, from a central overriding obelisk like stone, to a delicate fairy statue of tinker-bell beauty. Usually an object of centerpiece status, the water fountain is used in the garden with a variety of different aims. To direct attention through sound, vision, and even feel, depending on where and how it is placed. Throughout history, the water fountain has been used in connection with spiritual enlightenment and states of meditation, as well as expressions of artistic intent.

outdoor water gardenAmongst the floating lilies and enchanting pond creatures, that can be found in the water garden, there is also, the fountain. The fountain in a water garden is an aesthetically pleasing addition, to the already fantastic realm of imagination that these expressions of art produce. Water garden fountains, not only enhance beauty, as they also delve in both the relaxing sounds of rushing water as well as serve to aerate and cleanse the water. By shooting the water straight up into the air at high velocities, pond water in the garden will be filled with oxygen, and upon return to the surface of the pool, cleaner. If pumped water from the bottom of a pool, even better. As oxygenation helps aerobic bacteria flourish, the amount of algae and weeds in a pond can be kept under control.

The art of moving water in its essence is a subject that has mystified western thought for the last 3,000 years, since the Greeks began to debate the elements in nature. From the womb we find ourselves surrounded by the sounds of water, and all throughout our childhood, the daily bath is a relaxing time dedicated just to us. During the Renaissance, when gardens in the forms of Labyrinths began to enchant the minds of Europe, water fountains could be found in the most diverse styles, reminiscent of the Golden Age. Be they found in the center of the Minotaur Labyrinth or at the very heart of a monastery courtyard, the running sound of water, seems to relax the onlooker.

Water fountains can find their way into the home as well. As a decorative addition to the window garden, or merely a wall piece of modern art, the sound and sight of running water are subtle and delightful. The cool touch of water against the fingertips, reminds us that a garden need not be merely a place of earthen dominance. Water, in combination with the chosen work of art, to be its fountain piece, express something different to the garden experience, something that is subjective and personal.

The shape and size of garden water fountains, is so varied and creative, that the choice of any given fountain is as wide as the architects imagination. In water gardens, the fountain plays not only its traditional role as a centerpiece, but also that of an aerator if desired. While in some traditions, the outdoor water fountain is a source of spiritual enlightenment, in others it has no such concept, but yet still achieves the delighting role of relaxing the garden onlooker.


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