Outdoor Water Features

Outdoor Water Features is the perfect DIY starter manual for those who enjoy getting their hands a little wet and the excitement that running water can bring to an outdoor garden.

The serene experience that an outdoor space provides is proportional to the imagination used in forming the landscape to hold the artistic notion and even emotional aura of the individual who builds it.

Expressing one self, through the art of molding outdoor spaces is as ancient as the craft of gardening, and water has its own role, as the essence of our most inner selves.

Where we place a fountain, made from what materials, how we choose the placement of a pond or waterfall, or in what manner should aquatic plants be aligned with the margin of a pool; each and every allocation, will produce a subtle effect that tells more about the landscape artists most inner self than any psychologists divan.

With sixteen different projects, all well illustrated and photographed in step-by-step details, the variety of beginner projects gives the reader perspective into a range of garden experiences, just from flipping through the pages, not to mention after actually choosing and building one or more.

Alan and Gill Bridgewater are a team of professional DIY writers that bring to pages exactly what people want and what people need, right now, for a more self-reliant community.

By choosing projects that are accessible to the average homeowner, with a vital range of tastes, they open a range of possibilities for all their readers and a chance to feel the joys that come from doing-it-yourself, on something that anyone visiting your open space will be able to enjoy with you upon completion.

Water gardening is mostly about understanding ourselves, and if we start with basic hands-on projects, that are no-brainers, the end result is a transcendental experience that will not only reveal our inner being but also physically radiate our most inner beauty to the world, in a sentimental extension of our own souls.

This 128-page paperback written by Alan and Gill Bridgewater, published in January of 2001 by Storey, measures 10.9 x 8.4 x 0.4 and ships at 1.2 lbs.

Written for those looking to harness the experience of moving water in their own outdoor spaces, Outdoor Water Features is a basic do-it-yourself manual with 16 different projects to play with that will turn the novice into a professional, step-by-step, and after each experience, learn more about ones own self.


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