Orange Cap Oranda GoldfishOranda goldfish are represented by Bruce. He is the longest recorded fancy oranda goldfish. He grew to a length of 40 cm. He was owned by Tung Hoi Aquarium Co. and directly owned by two brothers; Louis and Jackie Chan.

Bruce first took the record of the longest fancy goldfish on record in 2002.

This fish is not of the variety that will survive the winter ice surface crust if there is not enough oxygen. Some hardy varieties of fancy goldfish will, as well as common and wild varieties. But Oranda is no among them.

In the winter they need to be brought indoors: Although, they can live in an unheated aquarium.

It is important to note that most countries have made the sale of goldfish bowls illegal.

It has been discovered internationally that much like lawn darts, there bowls do more harm than good.

De oxygenation and ammonia nitrate poisoning almost always kills the fish and sends it into the next dimension suffering.

Of course this is a shock to adults and children who most likely viewed the creature as apet. Pets, we all know, are adopted family members.

When bringing and Oranda or any goldfish, or pond fish in for the winter remember that fish bowls are not an option. A tank with a filter is mandatory due to necessity.

Chromatophores are cells in goldfish that produce diverse pigment in different kinds of light. Using different kinds of light some colors of the fish will change. If you leave your oranda or other goldfish in the dark too long they will loose their interesting coloring and turn gray.

If you want grey oranda shaped goldfish that is your receipt. But the gray trait is not often as desired as the diverse coloring.

Oranda have a very interesting head, body, and fins that billow like tails on a kite rolling with the wave of the wind.

This similarity is not surprising since really fish do fly just like kites and birds it the current of water; the substance that they also breathe.

Their bodies look like strength power lifters, bulky round and strong.

The red cap variety look like they have hair on their head. They do not have hair, it just looks like a bowl cut.


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