Nymph GoldfishNymph Goldfish are a combination variety originally bred from Shubunkin and Classic Fantail stock. They are both metallic and iridescent simultaneously.

This hearty goldfish almost shines in many colors like the legend of Josephs Electric Technicolor Dream Coat. The fantastic nymph goldfish bedazzles the human eye.

This Nymph goldfish is great in outdoor ponds. The real task is protecting them from other animals that will happen upon your water garden and note its location as a food source.

This fancy goldfish has a trimmer body than other fancies. It is important to not mix it in with the slower swimmers in the goldfish variety plethora. It will get to the food quicker, and starve out the other slower fish.

Giving the Nymph Goldfish plenty of water to swim in is important. Even outdoor ponds need at least ten gallons of water to begin to make there interesting animals viable.

Nymph Goldfish are usually available in sizes of eight to twelve cm from the mouth to the single caudal fin tail.


Posted in Articles, Goldfish, Water Garden Fish by Administrator on March 2, 2009.

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