Medi Koi medicated fish food

Medi-Koi is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medicated fish food for Koi in your water garden.

This medication is needed by anyone caring for, or thinking of caring for Koi or other water garden decorative water garden fish.

All it takes is ten days of this enriched food to clear up any problems that your pond life is having.

When you use this product it is important to remember what it is designed for.

Medi Koi is designed to feed sick fish. These fish tend to swim close to the bottom of your water garden or fish pond.

Drop the pill in the water far away from any filters so that it reaches fish as this fish medicine dissolves in to smaller bits they can consume.

If you drop it near a filter the medicine will be filtered out of the water: Resulting in fish not benefiting.

This process takes ten days, so keep track of what you are doing. And stay on top of the medication schedule.

Medi-KoiTM, buy it in 1.25, 3 and 8 pound bags!


Posted in Accessories, Food by Administrator on December 18, 2008.

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