Make a small pond liner waterfall

I am always looking for things to use in projects that can be recycled. Here is a small pond liner waterfall I made using a dry cat food container as a pump box, a whiskey barrel liner (instead if a larger pond liner), a preformed cascade (for the waterfall) and some 1/2″ hose with connector fittings to link everything together in a circular chain. This small waterfall cost well under $100 even with the 75-GPH statuary pond pump, how much would a water garden or pond specialist charge for a similar small water feature?

Testing: Always test things above ground before they are installed.

Completed Pond Liner Waterfall– Notice how all the hoses, cascade and pump box are hidden?

Notes: The only thing I will change when I make one of these again is to increase the size of the connecting tubing between the whiskey barrel liner and pump box. I had to turn the pumps transfer speed down because it was emptying the pump box faster than the water could be pumped up to the cascade, over the small waterfall, into the liner tub and back into the pump box. This waterfall can be made with any size liner, think of the possibilities!

Here are the parts I used to make my pond liner waterfall:

MacCourt Polyethylene Streamlet Cascade – Lowes $10.98
Whiskey Barrel Liner – Amazon $21.92
75-GPH Statuary Pond Pump – Amazon $14.99
x Adapter, Male, MIPT x Inserts – Home Depot, Lowes $1 each
1/2″ PVC Tubing – Amazon $10
3/4″ Pipe Tap – Amazon $17.99
7/8″ Drill Bit – Amazon $8.22


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