Mag 12 Pump

Mag 12 pump is all about sustainability for the pond owner, doing twice the work at half the energy consumption.

Taking care of our water gardens is something we do with passion, but the world is going through one of its most difficult moments at present and energy bills are skyrocketing as the months go by; sustainability means building around our passion in a way that will be easy on our consumption of electricity and still do the job we need done, right now.

Mag-12 Pump was developed with the sophistication of elite professional fish ponds, pumping up to 1200 gallons per hour and consuming less than half the energy consumption of traditional pumps that do the same job.

Using only half the power of a conventional pond pump of the same capacity, Mag 12 pump was designed for outdoor use, either external or submersed and comes with an 18 grounded extension cord and a three year limited manufacturers warranty.

Measuring 6.4″ x 4.5″ x 4.6″, weighing 10 pounds and shipping at 12 pounds, Mag 12 Pump keeps water moving through your pond with enough speed to keep the water crystal clear.

Watergardens always need powerful pumps that can shoot water higher, faster or through those mechanical, biological and chemical filters at a constant rate, keeping the water clean, and Mag 12 Pump makes sure that it costs 50% what a 1200gph pump would cost normally.

Mag 12 pump brings 1200gph and sustainability to your water garden in one package


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