Little Giant Water Pump

Little Giant Water Pump is a submersible pump, made to take up as little space as possible, but shoot out a maximum amount of work; ideal for small ponds.

Water features in your pond might need just an extra punch; this 1/125 horsepower motor with 15 power cord pumps out 170 gallons per hour, is corrosion resistant and has no oil in the direct drive.

The epoxy-encapsulated motor with plastic housing and radial lip seal on the motor shaft, make this an underwater favorite that will hide nicely among your plants or rocks, while still delivering powerful waterworks features, such as fountain nozzles, pond ornaments, filters and even circulation for up to 170 gallons per hour.

While Little Giant Water Pump ships at only five pounds, the small size and accessible energy conservation, make it a an attractive item.

Using only 36W, Little Giant Water Pump is environmentally safe and will continuously operate with maximum energy efficiency, for a more sustainable world of tomorrow


Posted in Pumps by Administrator on March 21, 2007.

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