The Art of The Japanese Garden

The Art of the Japanese Garden was written for those looking for basic insight in colored details on Japanese landscape design, art and culture that bring this oriental experience into a tangible western perspective.

When we think of sophistication, nothing can be more straight forward than a stroll through a Japanese garden, not merely for the beauty that we can feel surging all around us, but the inherent knowledge these surroundings bring to our souls, in a unique experience that was built to cleverly achieve a cathartic moment at every curve of its path.

By suggesting a landscape through metaphoric language, the Japanese garden can depict famous natural scenes, evoking a particular artistic quality or atmosphere, be it through a Zen moment of gravel courtyards or a Buddhist enchantment of falls and flowers.

Extravagance, aristocracy and spirituality blend throughout the history of the Japanese gardens, and from them, an art form all its own was born, one that can be clearly understood, through photos and illustrations of garden layouts and single scenes.

Michiko and David Young are a couple that delve into the fascinating realm of Japanese Art, Architecture and Culture with creative passion.

While Michiko conducts tours of Japan for those looking to think outside of the box, David Young is a well known writer that puts into words, what most can only express through tears or laughter.

After teaming up with Tan Hong Yew, from Kuala Lumpur College of Art in Malaysia, Davids words, Michikos knowledge, insight and love for her own heritage, are superbly enhanced by his masterpiece illustrations, reverberating in the hearts imagination, all that which inspires the team itself, to do what they love most.

So dedicated are these three, that this book won the American Horticulture Society Book Award of 2006 and has brought change and uplifting insight to all those who take the time to flip through its pages with an open mind.

This 176-page hardcover, with 250 full-color photos and 50 watercolors, was written by couple David and Michiko Young, illustrated by Tan Hong Yew, was first published by Tuttle in September of 2005, measuring 11.1 x 8.6 x 0.8 and shipping at 2.5 pounds.

By detailing and discussing some of the most famous works of the Japanese water garden as well as the art and culture therein attached, The Art of Japanese Gardens takes the reader into the hearts and minds of each and every artist, with a subtle blend between words, photographs and illustrations that provoke the precious experiences originally intended by each artist of this timeless art of Japanese expression through gardening.

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