Indoor Water Garden

Indoor Water Garden, the water garden handbook, is an introduction to understanding small pools, fountains, spouts, aquatic plants and even small fish that can be placed in an indoor setting to produce a healthy, meditative environment that provides a special transcendental experience, only flowing water can recreate.

The most sublime water gardens in Japan that have been sculpted since Buddhists first walked in the land of the gods, have always been particularly good at capturing that special transcendental moment in which the beholder is one with god in a kind of peak moment, and it is no different when we bring those same gardens indoors.

Indoor water gardens are a moment of the sublime.

James Joyce said of art, that if it moves us to possess it, or moves us to reject it, then it is not the sublime moment of epiphany, that sacred moment of awe, but when it is neither, just a moment in which we simply can admire the celestial creation of such a work of art, then it is indeed an epiphany, and indoor water gardens take us into that realm of the epiphany, beyond desire, beyond fear.

This book comes with simple step-by-step projects that the average home gardener can put together on his or her own, to fit any size room, from huge conservatory pools to small living room pot containers, the possibilities with indoor water gardens are as limitless as the human imagination, but the sparks of inspiration are as easy to catch as this quick glimpse through the eyes of a professional that has dedicated his life to water gardening, author Philip Swindells.

Pools, plants, aquariums, illuminated features, aquascapes, floating gardens, table top fountains, bubblers, tips on maintenance to keep your water garden looking pristine year round and all the facets of design to construction stages, including plans and materials.

This 64-page hardcover written by expert water garden professional Philip Swindells, was first published by Interpet Publishing in September of 2002, measuring 8.9 x 8.2 x 0.5 and shipping at 14.4 ounces.

For those looking to recreate the fascinating realm of a water garden in the comfort of their own home or any other indoor space, and in need of an introduction with fascinating ideas and how to do-it-yourself information, from a professional that knows the ropes, Indoor Water Garden is the perfect beginners handbook.

Indoor Water Garden, the water garden handbook by Philip Swindells gives you everything you need to know to build your very own indoor water garden, and a portal into the meditative realm of the divine experience.


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