How to Build a Waterfall

How to Build a Waterfall is a 105-minute video with 30 different chapters that take you through the process of building a pondless waterfall from scratch; perfect for the do-it-yourselfers from all walks of life.

How to Build a Waterfall has the most basic critical steps including location selection, visualization, and plumbing, placing rocks inside the house or outside and creating a natural look that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as sensible.

As informative for landscapers as it is to the novice, this kind of video has a user-friendly format that can be easily reviewed as many times as necessary, learning at your own pace.

Director/producer Bill Meakin helps you determine the best location for your waterfall, how to design for your unique site, create streams and stone working, all in DVD-Video for the US and Canada only.

Recorded and published by Over The Garden Wall LLC this region 1 video is rated as NR.

How to Build a Waterfall will teach you how to make a waterfall by scratch, where to put it and how to make it blend in with the surrounding scene to create the alluring and fantastically sensational effect of falling water, that brings out the peacefulness in all of us.


Posted in How To by Administrator on May 6, 2007.

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