Goldfish Varieties

Aqualog: All Goldfish and Varieties is the foremost written authority of goldfish varieties. This hardcover book covers all of the 120 plus varieties of true goldfish and fancy goldfish varieties. Read about individual carassius auratus A.K.A “goldfish” varieties that adapt well to outdoor water garden or pond environments.

This book provides over 690 color pictures. This photos are the most vibrant pictures in print of this diverse and colorful water garden fish.

Each aqualog book is written to be a reference for each fish, and also include each breeding form.

The code numbering system in the book, keeps variants from being confused or over looked. This code system covers every known or newly discovered fish and is clear to reference local names in such a way as to not accidentally cover the same fish variety, or in this case, goldfish variety more than once.

All newly discovered species are published and send out as supplements. This self adhesive picture can be applied to the black pages intentionally attached to the back of your book in the initial book publishing.

This Goldfish and Fancy Goldfish book is 160 pages long to date. The publisher is Hollywood Import & Export, Inc.


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