Gold Fish Starter Kit

This Gold Fish Starter Kit is the perfect thing for a first or easy to handle freshwater pet, to enhance the home or office, for education, creativity and imagination, all in one.

Orange and gold are said to bring happiness and prosperity in mystical circles, and in business or at home, there is nothing more welcome.

With just the flicker of a golden tail, the goldfish inspired the imagination of the Chinese in the Tang Dynasty to dam carp ponds, and ever since, their most impressive genetic mutation has become an enchantment that is known worldwide.

We love our goldfish as children, we cherish their delicate grace and smooth features that twinkle like stars in a magical lake and they are hardy fish, easy to care for.

Available in orange or purple, this starter kit is the perfect thing for a goldfish, complete with everything you will need to keep your aquatic friend happy for decades, yes decades, a goldfish can live between 10 to 25 years if kept properly.

Central Garden & Pet is the kind of company that takes their clients needs to heart, with a staff that is commited to maintaining a culture in which people are treated with dignity and respect and the opportunity to fulfill their potential; products like this Gold Fish Starter Kit reflect that commitment.

This small desktop aquarium comes in two sizes 1.77 gallons and 2.65 gallons, including a plastic tank, food, internal filter, bowl conditioner, silk plant and even gravel, the only thing needed is fish, chlorine free water and regular maintenance to keep the water clean of algae and access residue build-up.

If your need is educational, or just for the free and relaxing movement of water in the office, this Gold Fish Starter Kit comes with everything you need, just add your fish and display, feeding them and cleaning the water is part of the fun.

The Evolution of Goldfish


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