Frog Figurine

What better way to enchant the water garden, than with a frog figurine, visually embarking the audience on a timeless tale of fairy princesses, wicked witches and that young handsome prince transformed into a frog?

When we think about the space in our water garden, we know that we are treading on magic and enchantment.

We also know that every single item placed around the water garden needs to be carefully picked to give off a specific emotional effect, and nothing brings that kind of emotional effect to life, like mushrooms and frogs.

Mushrooms are like towering tree forests to so many of the small and diverse creatures living around the garden, not to mention the perfect stool for frogs and butterfly ferries.

Frogs are our friends, they help steward the pond, we get to know them individually, and if there are frogs in your water garden, a figurine is a an excellent way to make the audience visually aware of the roles, different creatures in the garden each have in a remarkable web of life.

This mushroom scene frog figurine is made of 100% non-toxic poly resin and measures 8 ¾ x 7 ½ x 10 ¼.

Water gardens are aquatic environments that give life to a wide variety of plants, including mushrooms and frogs; enchanting the onlooker with a mushroom scene frog figurine that brings dreams to life and entices the human imagination into the lighthearted realm of fairytales and adventure, promoting well-being and health for a more sustainable way of life.


Posted in Accessories by Administrator on March 21, 2008.

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