Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants

Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants is a comprehensive guide with elegant photos to the most common types of water garden plants used, giving anyone starting out a seven-year head start.

Hundreds of water garden plants, all perfectly organized by those areas that are most important to the most common varieties of water garden; marginal plants, floating plants, submerged plants and bog plants.

Water lilies and lotuses are also well detailed with over 700 color photos of the most common water garden plants; essential to picking and choosing correctly the first time.

The full spectrum of how-to water gardening in its most basic challenges, including pots, soils, fertilizers and plant care to avoid and treat diseases are all here within this hardcover of 388 pages published by Timber Press, Incorporated in English.

Measuring 11.3 x 8.8 x 1.2 inches and shipping at 3.68 pounds, Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants by Greg Speichert and Sue Speichert makes getting started with your own water garden easy.

Drawing off of seven years of experience, the authors of Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants have made your first experience a simple and easy one with over 700 color photos that are a snap to thumb through, making choosing and getting down to business all that much easier


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