Cyperus Alternifolius bunch in small blue potCyperus (who common professional trade folk art breed name is various forms of Umbrella Grass, and Flat Grass), is a water garden plant group who’s cultivars are great marginal water filtration plants. The cultivars in the Cyperus genus are popular water garden and table top pot pond icons due to the spay leaves and suite following pedals. The pedal are thin like fingers with wide negative empty spaces between each pedal. The pistols in some cultivars and species of Cyperus reach out like a horn antennae combination or concept fusion.

Cyperus are water garden pond grass-like herbs. The clump that fans out into the perennial sadge banquette popularly considered the rich variable look of the species and cultivars of reaches out from each base rhizome.

Each flower of the cultivars in the species that make up the Cyperus genus have erupted from seed heads. This exposure of the flower a top the somewhat relatively triangular stem happens after green seed heads have turned brown then erupted with the imaging flower.

However, uniform the species making up genus Cyperus are; the appearance of these flower heads adds a distinctive look to the aesthetic of water garden on an individual basis. That is to say, one cultivars flower head is vastly distinctive from another cultivar wither the plant is inter or extra species correlative.

Cyperus has a proud history serving the needs of mankind. Cyperus is the hosting genus that Papyrus is a species of. A good majority of all human knowledge has been recorded on paper made from the cultivars of Cyperus Papyrus.

Cyperus is native to North America, and is well known in history as Yellow Nut Grass.

The tubers of this genus act as storage for food and nutrients.

The water plants that make up the Cyperus genus are predominantly tropical. The zones this genus thrives best in are 4-11. Many of this cultivars within the several species of Cyperus genus are limited to hardy life in zones 7, or 8 11 respectively.

The extremely popular species along the Cyperus Genus bell curve are:

Cyperus Alternifolius (formerly known as Involucratus [this term is dead to science-but still in popular use in the professional folk trade and breeding arts Timber Press @ 2008: Pocket Water Guide to Water Garden Plants by Greg Speichert and Sue Speichart page 105 paragraph 4. Sue and Greg are also co-author of the popular Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants. Although the link lists Ann Lovejoy who wrote the forward.]), Standard Umbrella Grass; Longus, Hardy Umbrella Grass, Sweet Galingale; Giganteus, Mexican Papyrus; Prolifer, Dwarf Papyrus; Rotundus, Purple Nut Sedge; Papyrus; and 594 others….

Cyperus Rotundus is extremely invasive and should be avoided as a useful water garden plant entirely. People ignoring the fact that rotundus are illegal for a reason and still place them in a water garden has led to serious environmental threats to the biodiversity of entire regions.

Cyperus Flavescens and Esculentus species cultivars can cause extreme allergic reactions in humans. Cyperus usually grows well out of range from the normal human habitat. The reason there is a warning against adding these to a water garden is because people have and been hurt.

While the smaller cultivars are treasured pond pot and table top plants, and still others are preferred as water filtration marginals: The larger species and cultivars are excellent tropical water garden center pieces to build a garden theme around.

It is very important to fertilize the plants of the Cyperus genus on a continual monthly basis to ensure the continued health of the plant and the whole water garden.

The tropical cultivars should be kept indoors in winter areas. This is the time when tropical species of the Cyperus genus are susceptible to infection from insects. However, avid care for the Cyperus genus over winter will ensure a very diversified water garden in the American spring when butterflies and other interesting insects return to take advantage of your returning water garden.


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