Complete Guide to Water Gardening

Complete Guide to Water Gardening from The American Horticultural Society offers a basic perspective into the wide range of possible water gardening techniques you can use to build your very own water garden at home with the average home improvement skills.

If you have already taken on a home improvement project, and are fascinated with the idea of creating your very own water garden in the back or front yard for spiritual or aesthetic appreciation, Complete Guide to Water Gardening is an excellent way to go on your first water gardening experience.

With all the technical need-to-know provided in an easy to understand fashion, close-up pictures and how-to information that will make your first water garden an exciting and rewarding experience as each page turns and your first handmade sketches and plans start to litter the worktable of your shed.

Water Gardening is a way to look at the universe around our cities and see through what humans have done to this planet of ours. Mini ecosystems that thrive on their own once established; needing only the proper maintenance and upkeep, as would an indoor aquarium.

This book takes a look at the water garden much as an aquarist would look at their aquariums; as places where everything is regulated in a distinct array of life-forms that use each other in an almost yin-yang dynamic existence that allows you to get a feel for our world as a whole system where everything is codependent on everything else, inevitably all interconnected.

Complete Guide to Water Gardening is a 216 page hardcover was first published by DK ADULT in April of 1997, measuring 11.6 x 9.3 x 0.9 and ships at only 2.9 ounces total.

Complete Guide to Water Gardening from The American Horticulture Society was developed for those gardeners looking to dabble or dive into the realm of water gardens on their own for the very first time.

Plan, prepare, build and admire your very own water garden project with the Complete Guide to Water Gardening and the concept of interconnectivity will redefine itself for a new era of stewardship.


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