Several different types of goldfish in water gardenGoldfish shimmer in the water garden or pond. The carassius auratus are the most popular fish. Their coloring can remain the same, or change as they grow.

Goldfish grow to fit the size of the tank they live in.

When they are properly cared for they will mix and mingle with the koi, gambusia affinis, and the lengthy ill fated plecostomus. A single goldfish will out live the temperature sensitive plecostomous generation after generation for many years to come.

There are ten basic varieties of goldfish that are used in water gardens and ponds around America.

These are: comet, shubukin, fantail, black moor, ryukin, oranda, lionhead, rachu, bubble eye, and pearlscale.

The most common of these in the taste of people tends to be the comet variety.

These ten have sub-varieties such as the red and calico variety of the fantail.

Of the varieties that make up the comet species the sarassa tend to pull in the eye of most water garden pet fish collectors.

Goldfish are great an attractive part of water gardens, and ponds as well as the indoor versions that imitate them within the cultured America.


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