Butterfly Gardens Pond Kit

This Butterfly Gardens Pond Kit by Sunterra is the perfect item for the novice, looking to do-it-themselves with all the basic supplies and equipment for your very first watergarden, all in one simple setup.

Butterfly Gardens Pond Kit comes with CD, booklet and instructions, that take you step by step through all the procedures of digging the hole, laying the liner, putting down rocks, putting in plants and fish; then it is as simple as plug and play!

This starter kit comes with a 400 gallon per hour submersible pump that uses 120 volts (2-year limited warranty) and a PVC liner that extends 8 feet by 10 feet (15-year limited warranty); those are the most important parts of the kit.

This water garden pond starter kit gets its identity from the decorative butterfly house, the cascade accent nozzle, the water bell accent nozzle and the sixinch ABS Riser; these give it the smooth sound of rippling cascades of water, that delve into the realm of infinite imaginations.

Other essentials include a female coupler, diverter valve, 24 nylon rope, design guide and CD-Rom/Video. The box measures 14 x 16 x 14, weighs 18.8 pounds and ships at 19 pounds total.

Sunterra knows what it means to be passionate for watergardens, but have little time to put in the study and research to develop your own garden from scratch, or even worse, hunting down all the parts, plants and fish without even a clue as to where to begin.

That is why Sunterra produces quality starter kits like this Butterfly Gardens Pond Kit; because in this way, more people can distill the subtle pleasures of this magical enchantment, as easily and comfortably as possible.

High-quality, rich craftsmanship, serenity and beauty both indoors and outdoors, Sunterra products will transform your home or environment into an inspiring and meaningful living space.

Butterfly Gardens Pond Kit was developed for the first-time watergarden enthusiast looking for an easy do-it-yourself, plug and play system that brings a lifestyle of inspired living to you and all those who visit your aquatic garden sanctuary.


Posted in Kits by Administrator on March 20, 2007.

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