Bronze Comet

Bronze Comet GoldfishWhat is so special about the Bronze Comet Goldfish? The bronze comet goldfish is the least man made goldfish next to the original carp: Rumored to be the Cruzan Carp of today at one evolutionary step back nearly 1900 years ago.

After the first carp were sectioned off in the rice patch ponds these resulting bronze colored goldfish were the first to show signs of coloration.

It is the innovation inherent in the curiosity of the human mind that wondered about selecting for color tendencies in this plain bronze scale exterior.

Some sat staring into the water at these bronze comets for a very long time.

The inherent I wonder what would happen if that comes natural to childhood boredom, and the fact that at those ages we have a lot of time on our hands had to result in the research eureka that lead to adult experimentation those ten to twenty centuries ago.

The Bronze Comet will last in nearly any temperature, as long as the water doesn’t freeze, and they have an adequate place to hide from predators. They also do very well indoors in fish tanks.

They will out eat the fancy varieties. So, only host them with other hearty koi, or goldfish.


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