Barley Straw Bales

Barley Straw Bales are used to treat filamentous and string algae in your water garden.

In order to determine how many bales of barley straw are needed to treat a pond; gauge one thousand gallons for every bale used.

Most barley straw is often sold two bales per pack.

These bales are often referred to as mini bales.

They are bundled in three and a half inch diameter rolls that are as long as a standard sheet of paper is wide: That is eight and a half inches in length.

There are calculators online to help determine how many gallons are in a pond.

The ideal place to secure each barley straw bale is at the surface close to the waterfall or filter conduit.

Most packages include a cork float. This will help keep the bale near the surface.

The bale takes about one month so show off its affect on the pond.

Each bale last about six months. After that time the bale needs to be replaced.

Five months in, set the next set of bales, or solitary new bale next to the barley straw bale that is going to be removed at the end of six months.

Manufactures of the product say that research has proven that the best results come from having barley straw mini bales in the water for at least one year.

Barley Straw bales are considered to be very healthy for the fish.

Consumers of the product say that Barley straw bales are the best way to keep algae from dominating a pond, or water garden.

Others have tried this product and have had poor results.

The effectiveness of the product may have to do with the algae in a particular bio-region.

While water garden enthusiasts try to find more creative ways to deal with algae, a product likes barley straw bales is working at curbing the problem for some people.


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