Atlantic Filterfalls

Atlantic Filterfalls are waterfall biofilters that aerate and filter water, leaving it healthy and crystal clear.

Atlantic Filterfalls use a pump to push water through, up and out into a swirling waterfall action that not merely pumps but aerates as well.

A pond skimmer is recommended as a previous stage to these excellent biofilters.

The larger spillways allow for a natural aeration and the open swirl chamber allows water to flow evenly and efficiently through three separate filtering actions including mechanical foam and a biological media bag.

Made by Atlantic Water Gardens, this special waterfall biofilter comes with media bags, removable grate and filter pad.

Atlantic Filterfalls come in a variety of sizes from the smallest model BF1000 that has a spillway of 14 inches and will filter some 3,000 gallons per hour to the largest model the BF3000 that has a spillway of 48 inches and filters 12,000 gallons per hour.

Easily assembled at home, the Atlantic Filterfalls kit installs perfectly and blends well with your watergarden, while making sure that your pond stays crystal clear.

Find other filterfalls by Atlantic!

Atlantic Water Gardens
4494 Orchard St.
Mantua OH 44255
Phone: 877-80-PONDS (7-6637)


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