Aquaculture Bead Filters

Depending on the size of your pond or water garden and how much money you are looking to spend on a filter, biological bead filters made by Aquaculture Technologies, might just be the thing, but how do you choose which size is for you?

First of all, how many gallons is your pond? Classifying the pond size goes from 200 1500 gallons as small to medium, 1,500 2,000 gallons as medium to large, while 2,000 25,000 gallons is considered professional size.

Usually sensitive fish like Koi, are the ones who need such sized filters and in the United States it can be tough to find a manufacturer that does them with quality and low price.

Bubble Bead Filters made by Aquaculture Technologies are reliable and always being designed for the competitive pond owner.

Aquaculture Technologies sells all sizes of bead filters from 300 gallons (around 300 dollars) to 20,000 gallons (around 3,000 dollars), so you can choose the filter size to fit your needs.

The inlet, outlet and sludge pipe sizes vary according to gallons of pond water being filtered, from of an inch (300g) to 3 inch (20,000g) slip size.

The smallest aquaculture bead filter will pump a maximum of 600 gallons per hour while the largest will pump 9,000 gallons per hour.

Backwash water loss in the smallest version is only 2,5 gallons compared to 150 gallons in the largest version.

Aquaculture Technologies are industrialized Bubble Bead Filters designed and built with experienced research and development that can be depended upon to keep your koi or personal backyard pond in excellent shape, healthy and clear.

Company Information:
Aquaculture Systems Technologies
108 Industrial Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70121
Local: 504.837.5575
Toll Free: 800.939.3659


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