1900 GPH Pond Pump

Little Giant 1900 GPH pond pump, is a submersible water garden pump that will pump up to a maximum height of 20 feet, for those taller waterfalls and artificial creeks bringing power to your environment and awe to your audience.

Although the water garden is an ancient feature of the desert oasis and the labyrinth palace retreats of kings and queens, the only way to build impressive water features back then was if a natural source of water was already available nearby, from higher ground, but with modern technology, the craziest, most magnificent works of art can now be achieved virtually anywhere at all in a self-circulating environment that takes care of itself.

Pumps like this one are exactly the kind of thing the water garden will need if it is to create something special and reminiscent of those days when it was a symbol of national status to have a 20 foot high cascading waterfall over the top of a garden entrance way, where visitors would see the elegant enchantments of what is next to come along the mystical journey through a meditative space, through a wall of tumbling water.

The crashing sound of a waterfall is good for the heart, lifting spirits and purifying the soul while at the same time oxygenating the water so fully, that fish will thrive and algae will find their task taking them to the farthest reaches of the pond where water is still and less oxygen is present.

Little Giant model WGP-65-PW pumps 1/8th flow, 1900 gallons of non-potable water per hour at 1 cord length 16, shutting off at 20 feet high, from two 1 ¼ MNPT x 1 barbed elbow adapters, the discharge cap is 1 ¼as well, while the whole pump itself is made from a corrosion resistant body of recycled plastics.

It is perfectly sealed, for submersible use, it has incredible starting torque and flow pressure for a magnetic pump of this size, it will simultaneously power two different water features at the same time from the dual discharge design and it can be used both horizontally or vertically as needed.

The Little Giant 1900 Pond Pump uses 115 Volts, at 60 Hertz, 2 Amps, 230 Watts, weighs 8.5 pounds, measures 8.1 x 6.35 x 9.6 and ships at 10 pounds.

This double service submersible pond pump from Little Giant deals out 1900 gph for up to two different water garden features going 20 feet high or one foot high 16 feet away, for the kind of power you need to make impressive waterfalls and rock creeks that blend into the landscape while oxygenating the water, for a healthier aquatic environment that makes sense of modern technology.

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Posted in Pumps by Administrator on April 29, 2008.

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